Thursday, April 22, 2004

Happy Minion's Day, er, I mean...Administrative Professional's Day! Now, for those of you who have min-, er, secretaries, administrative assistants, personal assistants, ect; go straight to your nearest Hallmark store and buy them cards and gifts, as is your duty as a consumer on this profit-driven Hallmark Holiday.

John Kerry has posted his full military records on his website following Republican criticism that he promised to release his records but didn't. Included are his citations for a bronze star, silver star, and three (3) purple hearts. Now his full service record, including his awards, are available for comparison to President Bush's records. Happy now?

This Alternet article explains how those tax cuts Dubya likes to brag about weren't so much tax CUTS as tax SHIFTS, with the bulk of the shift being away from the rich and onto the poor and middle-class (okay, no REAL surprise there, at least not to anyone who's actually been paying attention.) Also on Alternet, Jim Hightower puts the 300,000 jobs created in March into perspective, and they aren't nearly as impressive as the GOP would like us to think they are.

Via Atrios, Michigan is considering legislation that would allow doctors to refuse to treat homosexuals. The bill has been passed by the Michigan House, and now will go before the Senate. Both, not surprisingly, are Republican-controlled. Also not surprising is who pushed for the bills, the Michigan Catholic Conference. American Taliban, indeed!