Tuesday, July 13, 2004

MoveOn.Org has a petition against the Hate Amendment here, which they will be sending to President Bush, Congressmen, and Senators. They will be delivering copies to members of the Senate today, as the Senate is set to vote on the Amendment tomorrow (I just found out about the petition today, or I would have posted this sooner). If you would like to sign it, you can merely sign with your name and address, or you can also include a brief message expressing your opinion in more detail. Here is what I wrote:
As a Buddhist, I'm am deeply offended by the proposed amendment to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. The "sanctity of marriage" argument holds no water in relation to Buddhism, as marriage is not a Buddhist sacrament. While Buddhists do get married, their ceremonies are civil, not religious, in nature. In fact, Theravadin Buddhist clergy are prohibited from performing marriage ceremonies. There are many other religions which view marriage in a similar way (as a civil, not religous, ceremony). Indeed, even some religions which view it as religious have no problem with same-sex marriage. Just as the Catholic Church does not recognize the second marriages of Catholics who have gotten divorced, ANY church which has a problem with same-sex marriage would not have to recognize such unions. However, that should NOT interfere with the right of people of any religion (or no religion) to get married in a civil ceremony should they wish to do so.