Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Via Blah3.com, a woman in Alabama was fired for having a John Kerry bumper sticker on her car. While her boss is intolerant of employees expressing political opinions contrary to his own, he's not shy about pushing his own opinions on them.
Lynne Gobbell never imagined the cost of a John Kerry-John Edwards bumper sticker could run so high.

Gobbell of Moulton didn't pay a cent for the sticker that she proudly displays on the rear windshield of her Chevrolet Lumina, but said it cost her job at a local factory after it angered her boss, Phil Gaddis.

Gaddis, a Decatur bankruptcy attorney, owns Enviromate, a cellulose insulation company in Moulton.

Though she is unemployed and uncertain if she will get her job back, Gobbell said, she doesn't regret her decision to keep the sticker on her windshield.

"I would like to find another job, but I would take that job back because I need to work," she said. "It upset me and made me mad that he could put a letter in my check expressing his (political) opinion, but I can't put something on my car expressing mine."

She was referring to a flier that she said Gaddis placed in employee envelopes to remind them of the positive impact that President Bush's policies have had on them. An employee at the plant who would not identify himself confirmed the contents of the letter.

Gobbell provided a copy of the flier. It says:

"Just so you will know, because of the Bush tax (cut):

-I was able to buy the new Hammer Mill
-I was able to finance our receivables
-I was able to get the new CAT skid steer
-I was able to get the wire cutter
-I was able to give you a job"

It further says:

"You got the benefit of the Bush tax cut. Everyone did."
The Blah3.com link has the address and phone # for the company, in case anyone would like to contact them to express their disapproval.