Monday, October 04, 2004

Patrickville has Patrick and Puffy's entertaining views on last week's Presidential Debate. I especially like this little nugget...(bold, mine)
A few questions later, Kerry is asked “What is your position on the whole concept of pre-emptive war?” Kerry plays the DeGaulle card.

“WOW, I cannot believe he actually went there!” I exclaimed, impressed. “Most of Bush’s supporters don’t actually think about the loss of credibility in the world Bush has caused our country, but that puts the subject into a perspective even some of them might have to think about. Nobody would accept the word of the United States without proof anymore. That’s gotta leave a mark!”

“I bet he was shaking while setting that up because he wanted so badly to get to saying it.” Puffy added. “If more people in this country really cared what people thought of them, that would have been a total finisher. President Bush is damn lucky that they don’t.”

“I think it’s more our contrary nature than not caring, Puffy. Someone tells us to do something, and we want to do the opposite… you know, like every petulant teenager, ever. And the world is telling us to get over our petulant teenage crap and start acting like an adult country, so take a guess what we’re probably going to end up doing…”

“Knocked up with a baby democracy to raise alone, perhaps?”
Puffy snarked.
Bloody brilliant!