Thursday, October 07, 2004

See Dick lie. See Dick shoot himself in the foot!
A slip of the tongue by Dick Cheney has given a boost to anti-Bush campaigners.

During a televised debate Mr Cheney told viewers to visit when answering accusations by vice presidential nominee John Edwards.

But rather than being the address of a project to check the facts politicians use, the site merely hosts adverts.

Soon after being mentioned, it began redirecting visitors to the website of billionaire George Soros, who is very critical of the Bush administration.

Mr Cheney's slip was caused by him wrongly recalling the web address of the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Center which lives at

Soon after the re-directing started, Mr Soros' site posted a notice explaining that it did not own the website and was not responsible for the diversion.

Mr Cheney could not even win support from the website.

In a statement the site's editors said the vice president "wrongly implied that we had rebutted allegations Edwards was making about what Cheney had done as chief executive officer of Halliburton."

"In fact we did post an article pointing out that Cheney hasn't profited personally while in office from Halliburton's Iraq contracts, as falsely implied by a Kerry TV ad," the statement said.

It concluded: "Edwards was talking about Cheney's responsibility for earlier Halliburton troubles. And in fact, Edwards was mostly right."
Ah, irony! And for anyone interested,'s analysis of the debate.