Monday, June 06, 2005

Best Birthday EVER

Thursday was my 30th birthday, and so far my 30's are treating me VERY well. From my friends Shawn and Lavinia, I received beautiful new wine glasses, a gorgeous homemade card, a fun night of dinner, drinks, and dancing at Boogie Fever in Ferndale, luscious cherry cheesecake (my FAVORITE!), AND $$ for our upcoming Girls Weekend in July. Oh yeah, I have AMAZING friends! Thanks Shwankie and Lavi, I love you ladies!

So, it was already the Best Birthday Ever (after all that, how couldn't it be?) when, Friday morning, I got another present...a NEW JOB!!! I had interviewed for the position in late April and the interview process had been delayed a couple of times, once due to a hiring manager's family emergency. So, how amazing it was to receive the job offer the day after my birthday! The job is in corporate fitness, so I'll finally be getting out of the desk job I've had for the last three years, and the pay is better than what I'm making now as well. I start three weeks from today, and I can't wait!