Monday, November 14, 2005

Today I had to go to a professional retreat that was put on by my company. One of our company's locations has ice rinks, and this was where the retreat was held, so we got to start the day off by playing broom ball (similar to hockey) on one of the rinks as sort of an, um, icebreaker. The game got fairly competitive (it's a corporate fitness company, so we're all pretty athletic), and I had great fun even though I fell a LOT and am in a bit of pain at the moment. When I was a kid I could play on ice for hours, falling 20 or 30 times and feel fine. Today I played broom ball for 30 or 40 minutes, fell 6 or 7 times and now feel like I've aged another 20 years; my shoulder is jacked up from my first fall, my knees and elbows are bruised, and I ache all over. Maybe it's karmic retribution for accidentally hitting one of the other participants in the mouth w/ my broomball stick. (I am, apparently, a brute. And since this was a work thing I'll be hearing about this for at least the next year. At least she was cool about it, but I still feel horrible.) It was totally worth it though, if you ever have a chance to play broom ball I highly recommend it.

Watching: Surface
Listening to: Godsmack
Excited about: My heat is fixed!!! (It went out late yesterday evening.)
Looking forward to: Going dancing on Friday