Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My new bed RULES! It's SO comfortable, the perfect firmness for me, exactly what I'd pick out in a store. Except I didn't pick it out in a store. One of my former co-workers emailed me a few weeks ago saying she and her husband were upgrading their bed to a king, moving their queen to the guest room, and needed to find a home for the full mattress and box springs that previously occupied the guest room. (The frame they were keeping.) She remembered that I was still sleeping on a twin and not at all happy about it, and offered to sell me the set and deliver it for $75, all I would have to do is find a frame. (Yes, I know, 30 years old and still sleeping on a twin, how sad. Luckily I've had a futon in the living room for the rare occasion I need extra sleeping space for a, er, friend.)

As luck would have it, my parents had an old full-size frame in the attic which used to be in our guest room, before my mom comandeered it for her art studio (the guest room that is). How perfect is that?!?! I brought the frame back with me from my trip home Thanksgiving weekend, and this past Saturday the mattress and box springs were delivered. The set is practically new, they had bought it two years ago when they moved into their new house, and it had only been slept on by their two little nieces.

So, I paid a total of $75 for the bed, and promptly went out and spent almost $200 on bedding. Hey, I've been sleeping on a twin for most of my life, now I have a REAL bed, so I'm going all out! Beautiful brocade Indian-inspired quilt with matching pillow shams and toss pillow, 250-thread-count sheets, the works. Now I just need new art to match! (That will have to wait, I'm not made of money.) And of course now that I have all this SPACE, where does my cat sleep? Right on top of ME, just as before. It's a good thing she's cute. And as I stated before, it's incredibly comfortable; I've had a hard time dragging myself out of it the last several days.

Now, if I can just find someone to occupy that extra space...