Monday, January 30, 2006

This past weekend was wonderful. Friday night after work I got to cuddle w/ Fritz while watching Battlestar Galactica. Saturday we went tuxedo shopping with Adi and Anna (Fritz is going to be the Best Man at their wedding). After tuxedo shopping we went out to dinner at a wonderful Thai restaurant; we ordered four different dishes to share, all of which were VERY good! After dinner we headed back to Adi and Anna's where we hung out and chatted for a bit while having coffee and brownies (YUM!), then watched Sex, Lies, and Videotape. I was the only one who'd seen it before, and we all quite enjoyed it.

On Sunday was the Cynnabar Grande Tourney, where the Monthly tourney champions from 2005 fought it out to crown the Yearly champion. It consisted of three tournaments with different formats, with the highest point-winner from all three being crowned champion. The January 2006 Monthly tournament was also held, once the Yearly tournament was almost over. Fritz fought in both the Yearly and Monthly tournaments, doing quite well in the Yearly, and then winning the Monthly tournament. Congratulations, Love!:-)

Quote for the Day: "Is this a sword fight or an oil painting?"--Deanna, on a slow-starting fencing bout at the Cynnabar Grande Tourney yesterday.