Monday, December 19, 2005

This past weekend was VERY busy, but so much fun! Saturday Fritz took me out to lunch at Mediterrano. SO GOOD!!! I got Chicken Jerusalem, which was amazing...two chicken breasts with artichokes, mushrooms, and a garlic cream sauce with a side of vegetables served over basmati rice. Yummy! I'm heating up the leftovers for my dinner as I type. After lunch he accompanied me Christmas shopping, and was nice enough to carry the heavy electric roaster I got for my mom. What a sweetie! That night we went to Adi and Anna's open house in Livonia, which was SUCH a great time! Anna is a wonderful cook, and served the best spinach pie I've ever had, rich with feta cheese and pine nuts. YUM! For dessert...creme brulee. MORE YUM!!! (How lucky am I to have so many friends who are great cooks?) Adi and Anna were gracious hosts, and we had a LOT of fun! (Bonus: I got kissed under the mistletoe for the first time Fritz! Ah...SO wonderful!:-)

Sunday was fencing practice. It was the monthly tourney, and the format was the Valhalla Circle of Death. (Woooooo...ominous!) I rarely lasted long before getting killed, but did manage to take out a couple of people, including Fritz! How many girls get to say that they killed their boyfriend in the Valhalla Circle of Death? I left fencing a little early to go visit my grandma, which was a *very* nice time. Then, Lavinia and Fritz came over later that evening and hung out for a while. A lot to pack into one weekend, but it was all a LOT of fun, just what I needed!