Thursday, December 08, 2005

This Saturday the plant where I work is having an open house, which I have to be at, for a good chunk of my Saturday. I could be starting my holiday shopping, or baking, or both. But no, instead I get to sit at a table handing out health info and giving blood pressure screenings for SIX BLOODY HOURS. Fun. For. Me. It was originally supposed to be Sunday, until they moved it up a day. Which they just informed us of last week. So we got to call all the vendors we had lined up for this Sunday, and ask if they could come a day EARLIER instead. Nice.

Initially I was REALLY annoyed at the date change, until I realized that having the open house on Saturday means I can go to fencing practice Sunday. At least something good came out of it, but I'd rather not have to do it at all. Who schedules an open house in December, during the heart of the holiday season? Don't they know people have a ton of other things to do this time of year? This isn't a mandatory thing for the plant employees to come to, so who knows how many will actually show up. Most of the fitness center members we've asked have said they're not coming. If that trend is typical of the entire plant, we're going to be a VERY bored bunch. Luckily my boss and coworker will be there too, so we can be bored together.

Maybe I'll try to recruit some people to go see Narnia that night so Saturday won't be a complete bust.