Friday, March 31, 2006


My fencing gear arrived last night! *cue choir singing "Hallelujah"* No more loaner gear for me, I now have my very own brand-spanking-new fencing gear to play with. Of course I immediately tried it all on, and it fits quite well. The gorget does indeed overlap the chest protector quite nicely, so I shouldn't have problems getting hit on the tips of the collar-bones. I hung up the smiley-face tennis ball Fritz gave me for doing point-drills and practiced with the sword and dagger a bit. The sword is very light, and seems to have very good balance. Now I'm looking forward to Sunday's fencing practice even more than normal! And, I may have an opportunity to break my gear in tomorrow, as Fritz and I are going to our friend Adi's (co-ed) bachelor party, and he wants to do some fencing that night (hopefully BEFORE the alcohol starts flowing!).

Yay, fencing gear!