Friday, April 30, 2004

Sinners Unite! Molly Ivins on the unfairness of the sin tax, as well as the entire tax structure. Something to think about next time you're shelling out money for wine, lotto tickets, or a lap dance at the local strip club.

Bill Berkowitz has an excellent article on the prevalence of mental health problems among troops deployed to, and returning from, Iraq. It appears that many soldiers had pre-existing conditions and never should have been sent in the first place, which might explain why the suicide rate for this war is even higher than it was in Vietnam. To add insult to injury, the Bush Administration has gutted funding for VA hospitals and veterans centers, shutting many of them down.

It appears that 62 ABC affiliates across the nation will not be broadcasting tonights edition of Nightline, which will feature a reading of the names of soldiers killed in the war in Iraq, along with accompanying photos. Sinclair Broadcasting, a major GOP contributor, has ordered all of its affiliates to pull the program under the guise that the show's content is politically motivated. (Pot, meet...)

Update: It appears that at least one Sinclair Broadcasting affiliate will be airing tonight's Nightline. According to Atrios, WTXL of Tallahassee has a contract which forbids pre-emption. SOMEONE was really on the ball in drafting THAT contract! Too bad more local affiliates weren't nearly as smart!

Quote for the Day: "As far as we know, Senator Kerry got three Purple Hearts for risking his life in Vietnam and President Bush got a dental examination in Alabama."--Nancy Pelosi (D-California), House Minority Leader

Idiotic Quote for the Day: "I came away good about the session because I wanted them to know how I set strategy... how we deal with threats."--George W. Bush, on his session with the 9/11 Commission. ("I came away good about the session"??? This guy went to Yale? If I was his daddy, I'd want my money back!)