Monday, November 01, 2004

The Mighty Jimbo is trying to raise some money to repair the damage a bunch of homophobes did to his friend's car. Click on over if you'd like to donate. He also re-posted an old piece he wrote on the utter insanity that is homophobia.
Seriously. It's not like gay men have done anything to piss of the straight community. Sure, we aren't too happy about Will and Grace, but we can live with it. They aren't competing for women, so they certainly didn't steal your girlfriend. It's not like these homophobes were getting their asses kicked by the neighborhood gay street gang. Honestly. Have you ever once met a gay bully? No gay terrorists. No masked men are running around cities forcing innocent citizens to redecorate at gun point. Though that's not a bad idea. Most people need all the help they can get. And they aren't out there recruiting like the fucking army.

Don't like getting hit on? Is that it? Come off it, assface. Women aren't hitting on you either, and most of the gay men I know wouldn't come near you if you were touring with the Village People. And if you do get hit on, so what? Women have been putting up with your bullshit pick-up lines and unwelcome advances for years. Take some of your own medicine. Personally, the best pick-up line ever directed at me was from a gay man. He asked me, "You're not gay are you?" "No, I'm not", I replied. "Don't worry. The first time, doesn't make you gay." Priceless. And no, it didn't work.
Couldn't have said it better myself, Jimbo! And speaking as a woman, you're right. Most of the homophobic men I've met would be lucky to get hit on by a starving $5 hooker (male OR female). No self-respecting straight woman or gay man would want anything to do with them!