Monday, April 10, 2006

This weekend was busy, but a lot of fun. Friday night Fritz and I watched the movie Saved, which was *very* good, I highly recommend seeing it if you haven't already!

Saturday was Terpsichore, which was great! At court, Fritz was presented with a special ceremonial sword commissioned especially for him in his position as Captain of Cynnabar's rapier guard. The sword is absolutely AMAZING, definitely a work of art! Also, I was presented with my Cynnabar tabard, which I earned when I completed my primary authorization at Clancy Day two weeks ago. Very exciting! I look forward to wearing it when I compete at Coronation in two weeks. Fritz had to leave before the ball to go to Anna and Adi's wedding rehearsal dinner, but I stayed and hung out with Kathy, Lavinia, Patrick, and others whom I hadn't seen much of lately. I had a wonderful time; I even danced a little. (Though sadly, not with Fritz. Not that night, anyway.)

Saturday was Adi and Anna's wedding, which was beautiful. Adi and Anna both looked amazing; Fritz was the best man, and looked incredibly handsome in his tuxedo! It was a Jewish wedding, the only one I've ever been to, and if this was a typical Jewish wedding, I'm definitely a fan! The ceremony was short but beautiful, and the reception was a lot of fun! One of the highlights was the chair dance; Anna and Adi each sat in chairs and were lifted high into the air by Fritz and a bunch of others while music played. Such fun!

Another highlight was the fencing. Yes, I said fencing! First Fritz fenced Shana, Adi's first fencing instructor from when he lived in California, outside on the grass. He looked incredible fencing in his tux, and the two of them were very entertaining, drawing quite a crowd! (Had I had more comfortable shoes on I would have joined them, but it wasn't meant to be.) Then, Adi and Shana fenced for a bit, teacher versus student. If memory serves, Shana won--no free wins for the groom!;-( And of course there was dancing; Fritz and I danced a few dances together, which was wonderful! It was a gorgeous wedding, one of the best I've ever attended; best wishes to Adi and Anna in their new life together!

Today I took the day off from work, to rest after my busy weekend. Fritz had a couple of final best man responsibilities to take care of, then he took me out to lunch at Zingerman's, my first time eating there! Their food is amazing! I had a #73 (scroll down to turkey sandwiches), a side of macaroni and cheese, fresh from the oven, and a mocha made with Scharffen-Berger chocolate! The sandwich was delicious, I'll be having the other half for dinner tonight, and the macaroni and cheese was INCREDIBLE! Seriously, the best mac-and-cheese I've ever had. The mocha was extremely tasty as well. Zingerman's is now definitely one of my favorite places to eat! After lunch, we walked around campus for a bit, enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Overall it was a great weekend, spent with many of my favorite people! Now, off to get the other half of that sandwich...