Thursday, November 03, 2005

This week has been pretty slow, a welcome respite after a month of 4-6 personal training appointments/week on top of my normal 40-hour shift at the corporate fitness center. I actually had time to take my car for an oil change yesterday, and get new tires.

Ah, new tires. Wonderful, smooth-riding, non-leaking new tires (at a great price, I might add). Three of my old tires had slow leaks, one losing between 3 and 5 pounds of pressure in only two days, requiring me to fill them up that often. Talk about a pain in the ass! I'd been putting off getting them fixed for way too long, and had a feeling they might need to be replaced. When I took the car in, I also asked if they could balance the tires, since I'd been feeling a vibration lately. Turns out, they were chopped, so that wouldn't help. I needed new tires, and an alignment. Luckily Kelly tires were on sale; I got four new tires and an alignment for less than $300. I hadn't realized just how bad that vibration had gotten (guess I got used to it) until I got the new tires. Now my car drives as smoothly as my friend L.'s new Saturn Vue, it's like a brand new car! And I appear to be getting much better gas mileage as well. Bonus!

As much as I've enjoyed having this slow-week w/ only two PT appointments, I'm definitely going to miss the $$ when the paycheck comes. Hopefully business picks back up soon. At the very least I know it should pick up in January.

Watching: Queer as Folk
Listening to: Pure Moods 3
Looking forward to: I get next Tuesday off b/c it's Election day! Ah, the perks of working in an auto plant fitness center.