Friday, November 04, 2005

To a certain member of the corporate fitness center where I work: No, you cannot be Member of the Quarter AGAIN! You've been MotQ twice already; in fact the last time we had a MotQ (which granted, was over a year ago, before I worked here), YOU WERE IT!!! Let someone else have a turn, would ya! I don't care if you were the very first member of the fitness center when it first opened 13 (or whatever) years ago. It was only slightly interesting the first time you told me, but quickly became annoying the last 15 times you mentioned it. And really, it means nothing at all, other than that you managed to get there before a few other people, many of whom worked a much later shift than you. Seriously, do you think the guys working midnights were going to come in in the morning to join?

I don't care if you want to be a role model to others and "let the light shine through..." you. (Pardon me while I PUKE!) You are NOT God's gift to fitness, or the fitness center. There are plenty of other members who are just as dedicated, who come in every day, sometimes more than once per day, who don't brag about it, don't act superior because of it, and most certainly do not LOBBY FOR RECOGNITION!!! It's not my job to stroke your (vastly over-inflated) ego. Get over yourself.

P.S. The other day you were mentioning how your wife is very lucky to have you, and "people tell her that, too." *eye roll* On the contrary, YOU are the one who is lucky to find someone willing to put up with your unmitigated hubris.