Monday, June 05, 2006

Birthday, Weekend

Friday was my 31st birthday, which is hard to believe since (it seems like) just yesterday I was posting about my 30th. Oh well. My 30th year was definitely eventful, it included a new job, new friends, a new boyfriend, the losses of a grandparent and two pets, new hobbies, and new adventures. Not necessarily in that order. Overall though, a good year. I look forward to seeing what my 31st year will bring.

Yes, but what did you DO for your birthday, you may be asking. Well, Friday night after work, Fritz presented me with my birthday presents, one of which would come in VERY handy that night (no it wasn't one of those kinds of presents; get your minds out of the gutter!). Actually, his first gift arrived with him Thursday night, a giant jar of my favorite Garden Fresh Gourmet salsa from Costco, which was timely since I'd finished off my previous supply a week earlier. Friday night he gave me a jar of wonderful raw honey from the Ypsi food co-op, a wooden pizza paddle (so we would never again have to relive the tragedy that occured a week earlier when we dropped one of the two pizzas we made face-down on the floor), and the Camelbak water bottle I'd been drooling over at REI the previous weekend. And two bars of Scharffen Berger chocolate. For dinner that night we made pizza, and thanks to the pizza paddle, both pizzas came out of the oven completely uninjured. We ate one of them, and saved the other for dinner the next day.

Saturday we headed out to the farmer's market, where I picked up fresh strawberries (yum!), zucchini, sweet onions, garlic, and asparagus. For lunch, we went to my favorite Middle-Eastern restaurant, Jerusalem Garden, where I had chicken shawarma and Turkish coffee. After lunch we stopped by Running Fit where I picked up a (badly needed) new pair of athletic shoes, then went hiking in Nichols Arboretum, the first time I'd been there. It's beautiful, and we had a great hike; I definitely want to go back. After hiking in the Arb, we headed to Bubble Island for cold bubble tea, the first time I'd ever had it. It was very tasty, and really hit the spot after our hike. For dinner that night we had the pizza we hadn't finished the night before, and just hung out and relaxed, because Fritz had another half-marathon to run the following morning.

Sunday morning we got up bright and early at 5:30 am so Fritz could run in the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run half marathon. The running conditions were almost perfect, and Fritz shaved 15 minutes off of his previous time from the Trail half-marathon. Congratulations, Fritz!:-)

It was a fun-looking event, and I think next year I'll enter it myself, not for the half-marathon, but perhaps the 10K run and fitness walk. Fritz suggested that since I want to do that next summer, I might be interested in entering the Crim later this summer. I'm seriously considering it. There's a 5K walk and an 8K walk, both of which I could easily do. I used to love competing in track and field in high school, and accompanying Fritz to his races has reminded me how much I miss it.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Cynnabar-Talonvale revel in Grass Lake, which was a good time. The park where it was held is beautiful, and I had a nice time hanging out and relaxing. During Court, the Baronness pointed out that Friday had been my birthday, and had everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to me. I'm sure I was blushing furiously, but it was fun!:-) That night Fritz and I made pasta for dinner, relaxed for a bit, and headed to bed a bit early. Overall, it was a pretty great weekend.